1) лист

2) тонкий лист
3) тонколистовой
4) полость
5) пелена
6) таблица
7) бланк
8) ведомость
9) пласт
author's sheet
automobile-body sheet
channeled sheet
coated sheet
compilation sheet
composite sheet
consisting of one sheet
corrugated sheet
cost sheet
current sheet
cut-off sheet
dead-flat sheet
dress a sheet
embossed sheet
exfoliation of sheet
field sheet
fluted sheet
galvanized sheet
hyperboloid of one sheet
ice sheet
inspection sheet
jet sheet
lagging sheet
lava sheet
lay sheet
lay-out sheet
locking sheet
mantle sheet
matching of sheet
of one sheet
operation sheet
overthrust sheet
perforated sheet
picked sheet
printer's sheet
record sheet
request sheet
rigid PVC sheet
rubber sheet
scrap a sheet
sheet aluminum
sheet article
sheet brass
sheet cavitation
sheet classifier
sheet copper
sheet deposit
sheet dielectric
sheet dough
sheet formation
sheet glass
sheet grating
sheet grid
sheet lead
sheet lightning
sheet material
sheet metal
sheet mill
sheet nickel
sheet of array
sheet paper
sheet pile
sheet piling
sheet roll
sheet rubber
sheet size
sheet steel
sheet zinc
starting sheet
thick sheet
thin sheet
timing sheet
vortex sheet
waste sheet

blank of starting sheet — матрица катодной основы

consolidated balance sheet — баланс сводный

corrugable sheet metal — волнистый листовой металл

curl sheet edge — закатывать кромку валиком

galvanized sheet metal — оцинкованный листовой металл

left-hand edge of map sheet — западная зарамочная часть

Riemann surface sheet — лист римановой поверхности

right-hand edge of map sheet — восточная зарамочная часть

rolled-up vortex sheet — свернутая вихревая пелена

rolling of sheet metal — литейно-прокатный, листопрокатный

sheet delivery apparatus — выводное устройство

sheet of a rubber mix — лист резиновой смеси

turnover balance sheet — <econ.> ведомость оборотная

tympan draw sheet — затяжной лист

Англо-русский технический словарь.

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  • sheet — W2S2 [ʃi:t] n ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 1¦(for a bed)¦ 2¦(paper)¦ 3¦(thin flat piece)¦ 4¦(large flat area)¦ 5¦(of rain/fire)¦ 6¦(on a ship)¦ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ [: Old English; Origin: scyte] 1.) ¦(FO …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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  • sheet — sheet1 [shēt] n. [ME schete < OE sceat, piece of cloth, lappet, region, akin to Ger schoss, lap, ON skaut, lappet: for prob. IE base see SHOOT] 1. a large, rectangular piece of cotton, linen, etc., used on a bed, usually in pairs, one under… …   English World dictionary

  • sheet — [ ʃit ] noun count *** ▸ 1 cloth on bed ▸ 2 piece of something flat ▸ 3 wide area ▸ 4 looking like moving wall ▸ 5 rope on boat with sail ▸ + PHRASES 1. ) a large piece of thin cloth that you put on your bed and use for lying on or covering your… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

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  • sheet — ‘cloth’ [OE] and sheet ‘rope attached to a sail’ [OE] are distinct words, although they have a common ancestor. This was the Germanic base *skaut , *skut ‘project’, which also produced English scot free, scuttle ‘sink a ship’, shoot, shot, shout …   Word origins

  • sheet — shēt n 1) a broad piece of cloth esp an oblong of usu. cotton or linen cloth used as an article of bedding 2) a portion of something that is thin in comparison to its length and breadth <a sheet of connective tissue> * * * (shēt) 1. a… …   Medical dictionary

  • sheet — A complete, unseparated group of postage stamps as printed on a press. The sheet is usually perforated and cut into four or more panes for eventual sale …   Glossary of postal terms

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